Plant Health Care
using our exclusive blend of organic root biostimulants and micro nutrients
onsite diagnostics and treatment
onsite diagnostics and treatment
Emerald Ash Borer Protection
Dutch Elm Disease Protection
Plant Health
General Tree Care
Seasonal Pruning Ornamental Shrubs
Usually best done in dormancy (October through March)
Maintenance Pruning
Onsite prescription
Cabling & Bracing
Often required to strengthen natural weaknesses in trees, especially where high risk targets are present.
We specialize in preservation of trees but they do need removal from time to time. We can diagnose the condition and identify possible hazards your tree may possess.
Crawler Lift - Extreme Access Bucket Lift
Buchannan Expert Tree Care is pleased to introduce this exciting piece of equipment! It is a self-contained track vehicle which allows our trained arborists in our bucket to safely get up to 24 meters in the air (over 78 feet). From this height we can do cabling, tree surgery or pruning of your trees, not only is the height a great asset but we can also get into very tight spaces with it. When the Crawler Lift is fully collapsed it is only 2 meets (6 feet) tall, 87cm or 32 inches wide! We can gain access through gates and walkways into your yard, which are not accessible by Bucket Truck or Sky Jack. View our video for more information.
Large Tree Program

Bush Pruning
Crawler Lift
Specialty Services
Mosquito Programs
Using our 100% Organic Garlic Base application we will minimize your Mosquito problem for up to 5 weeks.
Holiday Lights
You supply the decorations, We can install and remove lights as required.
As Lyme Disease increases as a health risk in Niagara we can help minimize your exposure with properly timed applications.
Mosquito for Special Events
If you are hosting a special outdoor event we will do a 1 time Mosquito application. Please provide us with 1 week notice.
Cat Rescue
We will safely bring your pet down
to the ground.
BUCHANAN expert tree care inc.
provides complete tree and shrub care by a professional certified arborist and we specialize in the use of organics.
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